The view windows

    After launching the software, 4 view windows are opened automatically which can be resized, removed or even closed. From those 4 view windows 3 contains 2D projections of the designed object. The default projections are: Front -> Back; Left -> Right; Up -> Down. The direction of the projection can be changed any time. The following options are available: Front -> Back; Back -> Front; Left -> Right; Right -> Left; Up -> Down; Down ->Up.

    In order to change the projection view, click right and select "Change view" in the popup menu

    In the fourth window will appear the 3D image of the designed object, with the possibility to rotate it in any angle. To change the view angle, just click on the window (with right or left mouse button), keep the button pressed and move the mouse.

    The colours used in the view windows are settable. The user can change the colour of the background, the colour of the pieces and the colour of the border of the pieces. To change the colour settings, right click on the view window and select "Change colours" in the popup menu.