Adding a new piece to the design

    In order to add a new piece to the design, first you have to select the working mode “add piece”.

    Press the left mouse button on the 2D projection window and move the mouse without releasing the button. During this operation in the window will appear the contour of the new piece.

    After the button was release, appears the piece properties window, which offers the possibility to change the piece related details like: size, material, etc.

    The window contains several sections with the specific details of the piece and of its material.

    Size section: It is placed on the top-left part of the window. Here you can set the size (width and height) of the piece.

    Material section: It is placed on the top-right part of the window. Here you can specify the material of the piece. You can choose an already defined material or you can choose to use a different (new for the design) material.
To use an existent material, you have to thick the option "Choose material from list", and then you can choose the material from the available dropdown list. After you choose a material, each detail related to the material (like name, thickness, colour) from the “Material properties” section will be automatically filled.
If you whish to use a new material you have to thick the option "New material" after which you have to specify all the details in the "Material properties" section.

    Material properties section: It is placed in the middle of the window. Here you can set details related to the material of the piece like name, thickness and colour. To set the colour you have to press the button "Change colour". The colour of the material is an image, it can be defined by a bitmap image file. If you wish to define a transparent material (ex. glass) tick the checkbox "Transparent material".
Attention: If you chose to use an already defined material for the piece on the Material section, then changing the values in the Material properties section will affect each piece in the design having the associated the same material.

    In the lower part of the window there are two checkboxes.
Checkbox "Rotation is allowed". Check this box if the piece can be rotated (with and height can be inverted). This feature is used only at cutting optimization and cutting plan design function, in order to make the row material need as low as possible.
Checkbox "Show this window whenever a new piece is created". It is recommended to use this option. If you don’t wish this window to pop up each time you create a new piece, this option should not be checked. In that case the new piece will have the same material like the last created one.