Selecting pieces

    In order to select a piece in the design, you have to first set the working mode to "select piece"

    Click on the piece on the 2D projection view window, in order to select it. A selected piece will change its contour colour and 3 boxes will appear in them for resizing.

    In order to select several pieces at the same time, keep the Ctrl button pressed on the keyboard while you are clicking on each piece which is designed to be selected.

    If you press the left mouse button outside of a piece and you move the mouse with the button pressed, after releasing the button each piece which is located inside the rectangle defined but the points of pressing and releasing, will be selected.

    If you select 2 or more pieces at the same time, one of them will be the dominant selected piece. This has black resizing boxes; the rest of the pieces will have the same colours for the resizing boxes as the contour of the selected piece. Like the image below: