3D furniture design software

Mobi3D program is used for 3D furniture designing for manufacturers of furniture and other products made from sheet materials (wood, metal, glass, etc ..), whose product range is wide or permanently changing

Mobi3D is an easy to use, user-friendly software, with a simple interface. The usage of the software is simple and it does not require any special training.

After launching the software, 4 view windows are opened automatically which can be resized, removed or even closed. From those 4 view windows 3 contains 2D projections of the designed object. The default projections are: Front -> Back; Left -> Right; Up -> Down. The direction of the projection can be changed any time. The following options are available: Front -> Back; Back -> Front; Left -> Right; Right -> Left; Up -> Down; Down ->Up.

In the fourth window will appear the 3D image of the designed object, with the possibility to rotate it in any angle. To change the view angle, just click on the window (with right or left mouse button), keep the button pressed and move the mouse.

3D furniture design sofware

The software can save the list of the pieces in the object in plain text or MS Excel format, or it can launch the cutting optimization and cutting plan design for each raw material used in the design. The cutting optimization and cutting plan design feature needs a third part software PaneCutter and it is available if PaneCutter is installed on the computer.

In the help section you will find a complete description of using the site.